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Follow-up: how it was at „Leading change laugh crisis” workshop with Jim Bagnola? (Marriott Hotel Bucharest, 2010.11.24)

On 24th November 2010, at Marriott Hotel Bucharest, took place the „Leading change laugh crisis” workshop with Jim BAGNOLA. The event took place at Marriott Hotel Bucharest and was organized by LEADERS Romania.


Introduction + Photos
A. The words – parts of the speech by Jim
B. The behavior – what did Jim do that was really impressive?
C. Romanian Leadership vs. International Leadership panel


Introduction + Photos

This is his professional web site in English. Also in Romanian. Here is Jim BAGNOLA doing some trainings, filmed on YouTube. He also has a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook profile. In Romania he works closely with HPDI. Contact HPDI for details in seeing him live in Romania.

I’ve previously written about Jim here:

Photos from the event (see in full-screen):(top)

A. The words – parts of the speech by Jim

– Change is anything that is not included in our list of expectations;
– A thing on evolution: it’s going to get better, but first it has to get worse, before it gets better; the market tells us that what goes down has to get up;
– You should be thankful to change and new things;
– Travelling gets you ready for life;
– Let’s say you are upset by someone or something; it’s best to get the irritable state faster, because it does damage; don’t stay in the upset mindset for a long time; it’s human to be upset, it’s inhuman to yourself to continue to be upset;
– Change cycle: create, maintain, and destroy;
– Causes of change: people, technology, knowledge, competition;
– Sort of a joke: it is difficult to communicate with people with temporary insanity (in an argument, the pulse goes up, the attention span goes down);
– Things will permanently change in the future; solution – flow with it, and don’t resist it;
– If I anticipate that things will change, I will be more flexible;
– You have two options for change: realign or resist;
– In the current situation, if you’re not confused, you don’t know what’s going on;
– Quote by Mario ANDRETTI:
“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”;
– Solution for decision-taking – do your best and consider it a success;
– Physiological change is quick, easy & natural: a person gets new skin once a month, the skeleton changes every 3 months, the DNA at the level of the atom changes every 2 months;
– Change is perceived as negative, because of our inability to predict & control it;
– If you don’t get plenty of sleep, you won’t adjust to the situations around you;
– Ask yourself:

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you rest enough?

You have to be prepared to play the game of change;
– YouTube video: Did You Know 2.0:

– Also: India has more honor students than the US has students;
– The most profitable companies in the US have women in top management or have a woman as a CEO;
– Recommended authors:

– A change in the road is not the end of the road, unless you don’t take the curve;
– The world’s most powerful impulse: … to blame;
– If you’re going to make a change, you should change the way in which you talk to yourself;
– If you are faced with a difficult situation, ask yourself: what else can I do?

B. The behavior – what did Jim do that was really impressive?

– When someone says something, try to notice the positive part of what that person says;
– If something is said and done slower, you will remember it better (thus Jim never seemed to be in a hurry);
– All in all, it’s not only what Jim says, but also how it says it and his overall behavior;
– Jim constantly referred to what happened before that day – what X said, what Y did before;
– Jim empowered people to speak in groups;
– How to embrace the change? How about talking to someone you didn’t know at the conference?
– A good solution to listen good is not to interrupt while the other is saying and give verbal or body cues that you are listening;
– Although some affirmations the participants made were negative („I don’t agree with this”, „This is wrong”), Jim always said a thing similar to „Yes, I agree with you”; also, in a lot of times, he also gave a personal example which made the affirmation of the participant, a negative one, even more stronger („I see what you are saying, I also…”);

C. Romanian Leadership vs. International Leadership panel

The panel was composed of: Dan MOCANU, Silviu HOTĂRAN, Cătălin IONESCU, Radu MANOLESCU, Maria ȘANDOR, Jim BAGNOLA;

– Solutions:

  • Asking questions and listening to others;
  • Looking for solutions;
  • Learning from every aspect of life;

– In a big company the only constant is change; you have to change;
– In leadership you have to lead by example;
– You have to have the ability to imagine a better future than today;

– A new vision is linked to some risk;
– What makes a leader a leader is the ability to handle a risk;

– Past discussion:

– What do you do? (was asked)
– I am CEO; (answered, and explained the position)
– And when will you start having a real job? (was asked again)

– It only takes a 15 minutes training to do a good job at time management:

  • Have an agenda;
  • Create a task list;
  • Put priorities;
  • Allocate resources;
  • Implement;

That’s it;

– in Romanian:

PERFORMÁNȚĂ, performanțe, s. f. Rezultat (deosebit de bun) obținut de cineva într-o întrecere sportivă; p. ext. realizare deosebită într-un domeniu de activitate. ♦ Cel mai bun rezultat obținut de un sistem tehnic, de o mașină, de un aparat etc. – Din fr. performance.

In English – definition of performance:

performance = 1a : the execution of an action b : something accomplished : deed, feat
2: the fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request : implementation
3a : the action of representing a character in a play b : a public presentation or exhibition (a benefit performance)
4a : the ability to perform : efficiency b : the manner in which a mechanism performs (engine performance)
5: the manner of reacting to stimuli : behavior
6: the linguistic behavior of an individual : parole; also : the ability to speak a certain language — compare competence 3

There are different definitions in these two languages for the same word;

– A company has to align the needs of the manager and of the employee to match the needs of the client and satisfying them;
– You should let your customer be your guide;
– To evaluate performance, you should log everything that you do, and show what results did you get by doing those things;
– Instead of scaring the employee (make him fear something), we should be focusing on loving our customers;
– How does an employee think?

If you are competent and caring, then I trust you; be a good leader and I will follow you?

– These two are different entities:

– Recommended author on different cultures: Geert HOFSTEDE;
– Romanians are a feminine society, unlike the Nordic societies, or the French one;
– Greeks are number one in avoiding uncertainty;
– Leadership is about tolerance;

– The one thing that the customer remembers about the company – how you made me feel?

– In the below formula:

V = Value for costumer;
R = Result;
Exp = Experience;
P = Price;
CA = Cost of Access;

– The manager should be evaluated by the employees; he should receive feed-back from all of the employees, anonymously;
– Success is divided equally between the manager and employees;
– The center of the business should be the employee;

– Success comes from a common goal, a plan to do a change and follow-up to implement & evaluate;

– If you want to succeed as a company, you have to have space for mistakes; allow mistakes;

– What you are living every day – this is your culture & values;

Credits for some pictures and for the camera go to Alice BOTNARENCO (site #1, site #2). She also did a conference follow-up.

Bottom line: yet another great performance of magic by Jim BAGNOLA, great training, and nice event organization by LEADERS Romania.

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