Simple site review: Piata de Linkuri in 25 tips


In this blog post I analyze Piata de Linkuri, a project by in 25 pieces of advice.

What I like about the web site?

+Good web site information – Page Rank, whether the web site owner is interested in link exchange or link buying, web site category;
+Your web site is a necessary place in the web context of Romania; a necessary place for such a product; well done!
+Very useful help section, great job!
+Nice overall design;
+A good offer of links;

What can be improved?

1. Whenever displaying PageRank, you should also display it as a number, not only as a graph;
2. If I were you, I’d show more information in the main page; right now you only display the date added, general position in rankings, category, Google PageRank and type of desired link type; show more info in here, which would allow for more options for filtering & sorting;
3. Your web site name is about a „market” (money involved), while link exchange is more like a „barter” (only service exchange is involved, no money);
4. I would love to have the option of showing more than 20 results per page;
5. It’s confusing to see web site in ALL CAPS, in small caps, with Initial Capital Letter; confusing; also, some web sites start with www., others don’t; why?
6. A nice filtering option would be for top-level domain (TLD) – .ro, .com, .eu etc.;
7. Why do I care about this?
Don’t show me this;
Also, don’t put any spaces here:
„2000 – 2010”;
8. The date in English? Why not in Romanian?
9. I think your own logo is ill-placed; it occupies a whole row by itself; I’d focus more on integrating in the last row, not to occupy a whole row;
10. I’d put up a big text:
„This page is private, the search engines will not know that you are trading links”; it could be useful;

Idea generation

1. I would love to know the number of indexed pages of that web site;
2. It would be interesting to know the age of the domain; it currently shows the age of the domain in, but I would like to know the actual age of the domain;
3. The text for „Data adăugării ofertei” takes up valuable column width; I would only show „Data ofertei”;
4. For filtering, I would also show up the number of web site within a specified criteria; so, I would show how many web site have a certain PageRank, display how many web sites are currently in top 1,000 etc.; if there is no web site with PageRank higher than 7, then don’t display that filtering criteria at all;
5. I would put some links on the link process itself; you don’t have to write content yourselves, only link to articles such as:

You could even inform your readers on how to buy a good link:

6. (this is criticized by SEOmoz, yet still…) I would put an indicator with the total number of internal links on the first page and the total number of external links on the homepage; it doesn’t matter whether they’re nofollow or not; see why;
7. You could also take the web site title; yes, the URL is important, but the title is also nice; how about also putting the meta description tag?
8. How about having a screenshot with the web site, a thumbnail of the homepage, like Google does right now with Instant Preview?
9. I would love to know how many views an offer had; it would make it more interesting to approach a web site, if I know very few other clients were interested in that offer;
10. How about creating a shortlist of web sites and then having an option to compare those web sites side by side?

Bottom line: Piata de Linkuri, all-in-all, is a very useful tool for the Romanian market; great job,!

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