Follow-up: Jim Bagnola, interviewed by Olivian Breda, 2010.06.04

On the 4th of June I headed to Radisson BLU hotel in Bucharest to a conference and to also take a interview with Jim BAGNOLA (personal site in Romanian and English, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile). Jim BAGNOLA came in Romania with the help of LEADERS Romania, a foundation I proudly joined back in 2002. Below the interview I’ve made.

The list of questions:
1. How do you define yourself? Who is Jim BAGNOLA?
2. What are your expectations before a training?
3. How do you feel after a training ends?
4. What’s the best feed-back you have ever received?
5. From your experience, what motivates people?
6. What do you do to become a better you? How do you improve yourself?
7. Who inspires you?
8. How does the perfect training look like?
9. What’s your solution to the economic crisis?
10. What’s the best attitude for me, as a participant at a training? What should I do at a training to make the most out of the training session?
11. How will your tomorrow be different than what today is? What will you do differently tomorrow?

In the interview, Jim BAGNOLA mentions this movie: „Chariots of Fire” (1981).

PS: I’ve also written about Jim here:

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