“It helps”

I am sometimes asked:

  • How to be a successful SEO?
  • How to build the perfect site?
  • How to build the perfect blog?
  • How to create the perfect newsletter?

The answer to these is given by these:

  • If you do apply all the rules for SEO, site/blog building, newsletter creation, you will have done a product which is 30% (or so) fine.
  • If you want to strive to get to 100%, the other 70% (or so) is made by other things than:
    • Good crawling structure / nice links for SEO.
    • Good content / graphics for the web site.
    • Great content for the blog.
    • Nice news to post on the newsletter.

I surely can give you a lot of tips & tricks on making a product successful. But, even by following my advice, you can only get 30% of what you can get. You still need passion, excitement, dedicated work, knowledge. The SEO process / web site / blog / newsletter is a tool. You need other things than just a tool to be successful.

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