How to handle notes?

I jot things down a lot. I tend to write lots of notes.

Some insights from this?

  • You’ll likely forget 60-80% of the things you don’t jot down. Some people claim they don’t have creativity. I think, more likely, they don’t have a good notes system.
  • Let’s say you write on the phone. It’s best that at the end of the day you revisit your notes, and write them again. You’ll note better this time, not in a hurry.
  • Let’s say you go to a meeting, you take some notes. It’s best to rewrite them at the end of the meeting.
  • Create rituals and keep them. :) You’ll get better with those rituals.
  • Depending on the time after witch you re-read your notes, you should write quite a few details initially. Give more details than necessary, it’s the better option.
Paul Watson  - Do note, conclusion,
Paul Watson
– Do note, conclusion,
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