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Note: The article below has been written more than 7 years ago!

How to „get” the drive and energy to work? How to make yourself love work?

There are two basic solutions:

  • Enjoy the process more than you love the outcome. Some call this „passion” (see the talk at the end of the blog post for details on the word „passion”). So, you should love the work, even if others would find it hard/difficult. Like I love the Internet. Like I love to write. Like I love to talk with others. I would do these even if I would lose on other fronts. I could take a training which would require lots of efforts. I could browse the Internet hours and days. I could write a lot. I am enjoying the process a lot. For this, even if you don’t get instant feed-back on your work, you should still be able to do a good job.
  • Enjoy the outcome more than you enjoy the process. Find a meaning. It’s best to find an inner meaning, a greater goal (do good in the world, get to heavens, leave your mark, be the someone you always wanted to be). If not, find external meaning. Help others. Educate. Be part of something. Be accountable. Take responsibility. Have a family. Join a volunteering association. Mentor someone. The motivation (internal or external) can beat the forces trying to stop you. For this, find something which gives you some feed-back.

So, if you feel low, you don’t feel like working, find either something you love doing or work on your motivation.

Daryl Furuyama - motivation-001,
Daryl Furuyama – motivation-001,

About the word „passion”

The word „passion” comes from:

1125–75; Middle English  (< Old French ) <
Medieval Latin passiōn-  (stem of passiō ) Christ’s sufferings onthe cross,
any of the Biblical accounts of these (> late Old English passiōn ),
special use of Late Latin passiō suffering, submission,
derivative of Latin passus,  past participle of patī  to suffer, submit;
see -ion (source)

„Passion” can be, thus, interpreted less as:

  • Ah, look at my energy, I am so energetic, let’s put energy.

And more as:

  • I will suffer for this.

How does one suffer, in business environments? Most likely – through work. So, „passion” is more about „work” than it is about a special emotion. :)

Note: the current definition contradicts me, but the name origin doesn’t.

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