Good movies, poor movies

A poor movie is one in which people insist to solve things: person A tries to a thing, it doesn’t work, it insists, it works. In Frozen, there’s a race from wolves. They don’t succeed at escaping, but they insist, and they escape. They are ready to jump, they don’t quite make it, but they insist and they make it. This happens with other characters in the movies (they ran from a huge snowman, they insist, and it works, one old guy doesn’t get to dance with the queen, he insists, he makes it and the list continues):

A good movie is one in which when there is a trouble, the main character finds a creative solution. In The Bourne Ultimatum, the main character (interpreted by Matt Damon) finds creative solutions for escaping situations (at one time, he goes beneath a platform, so that he won’t be seen). In Skyfall, the 007 Agent (Daniel Craig) shows lots of creativity for solving problmes (at one time he climbs a moving elevator):

It’s easy to insist. Most problems, though, don’t get solved this way.


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