Why it's a good deal for you to take part to Training '09?

On 7th and 8th October 2009, Business Edu organizes a conference called Training ’09. Why is it hot?

I’ve told you about Coaching ’09. What is more important, I’ve also told you about Training ’08, which is the event that took place last year, organized by the same Business Edu. You can read in there why the previous event was a success. You’ll find the best presentation on this page.

But why might the current event be better?
1. Organizers asked for feed-back at previous events; You can only assume that applying the gathered feed-back will make current events even better;
2. The speakers include:
Andy SZEKELY – AS Training & Coaching
Cristia MAKSUTOVICI – AxA Consulting
Marius OPRIS – Ascendis
Mihai CURELEA – AchieveGlobal
Stelian MARIAN – HCS
I’ve seen live all these speakers and I can tell that, from what I’ve seen, these are some of the best speakers one can see live. They’re highly recommended by me;
3. The schedule of the event is divided into three parts, for both days:
a. A main conference;
b. Workshops;
c. Secondary conferences (Sales in the first day, and Human Resources for the second);
You can actually go see one of three events; You can pick the main conferences, or the secondary one, or a workshop; Plenty of choices! I like this a lot.

Bottom line: This looks like a great event to take part to, and I recommend you to register as soon as possible.

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