I read some posts on living frugally on online forums.

Examples include:

  • I have a non-shareable coupon code; I’ll share it with others.
  • I have a non-shareable account; I’ll share it.
  • You can buy cheaper streaming services if you say you’re in a poorer country.
  • I have an affiliate code; use mine.
  • I’ll negotiate by lying about wanting to leave the company’s services.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to cut costs.

But there are some other rules than legal rules – ethical rules.

Even if you can fool a service provider with no apparent direct consequences, this doesn’t imply everything is moral and acceptable.

There are other laws than State laws.

If I can share my Netflix account, this doesn’t mean I should.

If I threaten to leave a service provider without real intention, I can definitely reduce the bills. But I’ll also decrease the value I place on personal integrity.

There are even platforms like GoSplit – you give them money to pay less than Netflix. You pay a commission for having smaller costs with Netflix. And lower integrity, of course.


2017.01.27 A lie hurts the person who tells it

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