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How to find out about training / volunteering stages / other educational forms financed by the European Union (Erasmus+)?

In the article below, I list some of the solutions you have if you want to take part to a training / volunteering stages / other means of education financed by the European Union. I took part to 6 trainings like these (2 in Romania, then one in Serbia, Germany, Turkey, Ireland), and to other various smaller projects. I greatly enjoyed them. I also know some people who did volunteering via EVS. Below some information on things like these.

(the video is not mandatory, but it explains better what I say in the article)

The most important part of this article:

SALTO-Youth – this is for people interested in trainings. Generally, there are 20-25 participants, from various countries in the European Union. The trainings are usually aimed at people with ages below 30, but you can find options if you go over that age. Generally a training goes for 7 days. The working language is generally English. The International trainings I took part to were generally not held in big cities, but in places quite isolated from big communities. I think it’s more interesting to participate in a training in a different country than yours, but it’s simpler to just go in a training in your country. Of course, you can pick the trainings which interest you, and even decline if you are accepted. Most of the times, the age for participation is required to be more than 18 years. Some programs have an upper limit (no more than 30 years old, let’s say), others don’t. I wrote about the reasoning for taking part to such a training here – How to visit a new country like a PRO?: Betterish. So, the links:

EVS (European Voluntary Service) – this program is for people interested in volunteering in the European Union countries (and not only). You can volunteer anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months. You can pick the country and the NGO for which you wish to do EVS. You need to be between 17 and 30 years old.

Other programs:

Below, some extra things. Less important, but, still useful things to know.

Barack Obama - Week in the field—Illinois, February 17th, 2012,
Barack Obama – Week in the field—Illinois, February 17th, 2012,

To begin, some general tips:

  • If you don’t match 100% the conditions set by the organizers, but you would like to take part to a specific training, try to give them an email.
  • In the EVS database there are quite a few countries which are not part of the EU, which means you have other options than EU.
  • For SALTO, generally the projects are from EU countries + Turkey.
  • Generally, you should come with a fresh perspective by meeting people from a other countries. Don’t miss this!

How to find out about other training opportunities?

Now, why should you be interested in taking part to a conference or a voluntary service organized by the European Union (Erasmus+)? See: How to visit a new country like a PRO?: Betterish

How to find out about other trainings?

Start with a general search on Google: youth in action training database – Google Search / erasmus+ database – Google Search

Then go local: youth in action training romania – Google Search

And you will get to web sites specific to your country: TINACT and Erasmus+RO : Evenimente.

From there, Google „Youth in Action!” as it is spelled in your language: tineret in actiune proiecte – Căutare Google

And you will get to sites which list events in your country:

Or other ones: EURODESK.RO – TINERET IN ACTIUNE – Actiunea 4.6 – Masuri de sprijin pentru proiecte de parteneriat in domeniul tineretului la nivel european

And you could subscribe to their Yahoo! Group: Eurodesk Romania – – Yahoo Groups

And find out about other types of events in your country: ANPCDEFP – Bine ai venit

Finally, some articles I wrote in Romanian:

Examples – some International trainings I took part to:

Note: Aside from the publication of the 2013 statistics and the close of the programme, as well as the ex-post review schedule for 2016, the activities of the Youth in Action programme will continue under the new Erasmus+ programme , scheduled to last from 2014-2020.


Final note: I post things related to NGOs here: ONG in Romania – Yahoo Groups.

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