Share, reshare, tweet, retweet, like – or not?

Let’s say you’re company X. You’re on Facebook. You have 150 likes, and most of your articles get no comments, but when they do, they’re from your customers you like. You’re also on Twitter, and have 50 followers, who read you, but you don’t interact much with them.

Let’s say you’re company Y. On Facebook, you have 2,500 likes, but close to no one interacts with you. On Twitter you have 400 followers, but they’re very passive.

Let’s say you’re company Z. You have 200 likes on Facebook, but when you post something, you have interactions. On Twitter you have 100 followers, with whom you communicate quite a lot.

In my opinion, a company in X’s position wants to get to Z. More likes, more followers. That’s it.

If I were X, I would strive to get to Z. Not more people who “like” you (but are passive), but more people with whom to engage. Much more difficult to view as success, but this is success, in my opinion – an active community.

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