Tendencies regarding the digitial marketing for the years to come

Note: The current article has been written more than 12 years ago!

Yesterday I participated at Digital Marketing Forum. Nice experience, and I’ve brought a few tips to use as strategies for 2009 and beyond. Some of them might be wrongly understood, but I take my chances nevertheless.

Tendencies for 2009:
1. The online medium will make the difference in 2009; Currently active media agencies should try going digital;
2. The percentage of Interet usage for advertising will rise in 2009, because, in a time of crisis, the online medium has the highest profit-per-investment ratio;
3. The advertising company of 2009 is radically different than the same company of 1994;
4. We can expect an increase of the current penetration of mobile phone penetration in Romania (it is 123% right now);

Tendencies for the years to come, in 2009 and afterwards:
1. Using a technology called Radio-frequency identification (RFID), in the future it might be possible to interact with the objects around us; The television set, the fridge and my mobile phone might interact in the future to come;
2. The Internet connections will have an even higher penetration in all age groups;
3. The companies will put more and more emphasis on relations, not on selling things;
4. The mobile phones are the platform for communication of the future;
5. The future belongs to the Internet browsers that are integrated with desktop applications;
6. Dialogue with the client (as direct as possible) will bring more sales, but only if it will exist;

What strategies and tactics to use now to adapt to the future:
1. Right now the consumer is like a chicken, and the media agencies are like foxes; Foxes try to eat the chickens (it’s a win-lose situation), but it would be wiser if they coexisted, and we would get from the chicken the eggs to sell them (a win-win situation); You should be friend with your customer;
2. How can you rightly analyze the impact of an YouTube campaign:
a. Did it attract attention?
b. Was it forwarded?
c. Was it copied by others? (have spoofs been made?)
3. You can get very good profits from creating a very good game for your brand or by putting in-game advertising;
4. Monitor an online campaign closely to fully understand its impact;
5. Create experiences pre-sale, during sale, and most importantly: after sale! It’s being reported to be about 7 times more expensive to bring a new client than give up an old relation;
6. Use these five steps for a complete interaction with the client wishing to buy a car:
a. Collect data and have a good communication on sale (collecting data is great for a good communication);
b. After sale: verify the degree of satisfaction and cross-sell another thing (see if the person wants to personalize his car);
c. Cross-sell something to increase the life expectancy of a product (warranty);
d. Examine all of the clients’ objections and have a dialogue on this (at this time it might be angry);
e. Do buy-back & cross-selling on a higher level (sell him a brand new car);
f. Use this: an online clients costs less than an offline client;
g. Use browser cookies and authentification to learn more things about your clients;
h. Try to create a very personalized presence for a visitor of your web site: You know about each of your clients the time of the visit (you can provide a different web site in the night, different ads), its geographical location (provide information about its area), what browser does it use, what resolution has its screen (you can deduce from here that a person with a 22 inch monitor has more revenues); And for the logged-in clients, you have even more information; Use this for a very personal experience!
l. Try to create for the different interests of a client a personalized experience; Out of the 2.000 products on a web site, your visitor is interested in just a few and will only buy one; How to make him choose that? Try creating a wizard, a step-by-step guide, to make him choose wisely.

These were the speakers at the conference. I won’t tie the affirmations above with the speakers below, because I could have poorly understood the message, formulated it badly, or I could have came up with thoughts on my own:

I hope you find my blog post interesting enough for a small comment.

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