How to buy a cheap .com domain name for two years?

namecheapThere are online promotions which help buy a .com domain for 1-3$ USD, instead of 10-14 USD, which is the regular price.

How to have this price for two years in a row?

The trick is to combine:

Combining these two should give you a .com domain for around 2-6 USD for two years.

The offer is far greater than any regular individual offer you might get. (as I know of)

If you care for quality, pick NameCheap (as suggested by readers).

P.S.: I recently bought,, by this method and last year I’ve bought “transfer to” domains.

P.S. #2: Last evening I went to buy from for 2 USD. Previous to this, I had bought The thing is, you could typically only could have bought a single domain for 2 USD (one per client). But if you made your shopping cart without being logged in, applied the discount, when you logged in with your address & card data, the basket still remained at 2 USD. I did 2 or 3 tries like that. Then I came to buy the domain. Surprise! It costed 4,000 USD. Four thousand. I looked on the Internet and I found Network Solution were selling domains for 1 USD. I bought the domain for 1 USD, instead of the requested 4,000 of GoDaddy. Anyhow, bad practice (changing it quickly). Very bad.

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  • Sagor Mamun

    10 August 2014 - 00:26

    Thank you very much Olivian. I needed this 0.99 cent domain . :)

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