How to pick a short, quality domain name which doesn’t exist already?

logoIn the last years, I have bought,,, & This year While they’re not the greatest web site one could have, they’re, as “betterish” implies, OKish and, at times, betterish than other options.

How to create your own?

  • Find a keyword which clearly defines your web site – SEO / efficiency / results / Olivian / Olivian / better / audits / Oli.
  • Try to find an exact match domain. is an example.
  • Try to adapt the words using either of these methods:
    • Add some letters – For this, is an excellent tool.
    • Add full name –
    • Create complex sentences (I don’t recommend this method anymore, the first three web sites are closed, I don’t consider they represent my current ideas anymore,,
    • Play with words – betterish / audithink (again,

Everyone would want or, or something like that (very short). Even just or would be better. Since you can’t have this, try the next bext thing.

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