Cadre filmări

Nu sunt adeptul filmelor în care sunt filmate scene lungi într-un singur cadru. Exemplu: Andrei Tarkovski. Poate nu am maturitatea emoțională și intelectuală să înțeleg acest tip de filme, nu știu sigur, cert este că nu mă atrag.

Pe de altă parte, în cinematografia modernă, în emisiunile și show-urile TV, se merge pe opusul cadrelor lungi – cadre foarte scurte, se trece de la o idee la alta foarte rapid. O învălmășeală din care nu rămâi cu mare lucru. Te asaltează, te simți intimidat și înăbușit.

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How Will You Measure Your Life? Clay Christensen at TEDxBoston

And so I wanted to just offer that one, is something to think about. The reason why successful companies fail, is they invest in things that provide the most immediate and tangible evidence of achievement. And the reason why they have such a short time horizon is that they are run by people like you and I. And we then apply that very same thinking process in our personal lives with sad results.

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My life story (past, present day, future)

Past – When I was around 3, I moved from a place and a family where I felt free, and loved (Pîrjol), to another where there were rules, and love (I thought) was conditioned by following them (Năvodari). I detailed this here: My soul. I realized the things written in that article last summer (summer of 2016).

In a nutshell, I felt, then, that I am not loved in either of the places and if I want to be loved by my family in Năvodari I need to follow rules. I thought love was conditioned by good behavior.

I was wrong, I was loved in both places, though the expression of it wasn’t clear to me at that time.

And I’ve built, based on this, a whole set of emotions, and, actually, a life.

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Difference of attitude

When you go online on a forum, there are two opposite views: One person comes with an open heart, wants to help, offers resources, gives time, effort and interest to help. That person is positive and welcoming. But, most important, the person’s attitude is “If I can help, I’m willing to help, the world will be better with my input”. Generally, a reply or more comes after that with a sarcastic message, ruining the first impression. Most important, the person feels he/she’s entitled. “I deserve to receive quality posts on the forum, who is this newbie who made a mistake? This is my house, my party, these are my rules.” Unfortunately, this kind of attitude doesn’t do good for either party, as most people prefer not to join the conversation anymore.

Deep love for others

There is more than one kind of love for other entities:

  • You can love God.
  • You can love yourself.
  • You can love close relatives, in a context you are born with.
  • You can love your friends.
  • You can love foreigners.
  • You can love certain actions (like hobbies, or eating chocolate).
  • You can love your significant other.

Out of all these types of love, I think the love for your significant other is one has some specifities.

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Amour profond pour les autres

Il ya plus d’un genre d’amour pour d’autres entitites:

  • Vous pouvez aimer Dieu.
  • Vous pouvez aimer vous même.
  • Vous pouvez aimer des proches, dans un contexte où vous êtes nés.
  • Vous pouvez aimer vos amis.
  • Vous pouvez aimer des étrangers.
  • Vous pouvez aimer certaines actions (comme des passe-temps, ou manger du chocolat).
  • Vous pouvez aimer votre partenaire significatif.

De tous ces types d’amour, je pense que l’amour pour votre autre significatif est on a quelques spécificités.

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Extremes and averages

Whenever a party speaks of another party, most often they refer to exterme behaviors. “Some religious persons do this very offending thing”. “Some atheists do this very offending thing”. “A few writers do this, which means that most writers do that”. It’s very hard to get yourself out of the thinking that extreme behavior does not equal average. We have it in our system – we look for the error, thinking that the average must follow the same rule. News flash – it doesn’t.

Unde să construiești un magazin anti-competiție?

Dacă aș fi client, aș vrea să fie un magazin amplasat cât mai departe de un alt magazin. Aș prefera să am un magazin în nord, unul în sud, și tot așa. Dacă aș fi vânzător, și aș ști că în centrul orașului e un magazin magnet, aș face magazinul fix în centru, și, mai mult, l-aș face chiar vizavi de acel magazin. Dacă îmi fac magazinul în nord, practic cedez concurenței mele orice altă zonă decât zonele apropiate mie. E o logică diferită, din perspective diferite.

Why the long post?

It appears to be futile – writing a long post on a subject. After all, most blog posts, even those with a clear demonstration behind them, can be turned into something smaller. Well, it helps. It helps you become better in the process of writing. Going through the path of writing a message makes you a better person. You work for it. Some of my blog posts tend to look rather stupid. Simple ideas, repeated, at times, obsessively. Well, I like them, nevertheless, and I learn from writing them, despite of this. Case study – sometimes, when I go to an event, I photograph weird things – the entrance, some objects in the room, a logo. Most people would focus a lot on the speaker, less on the organizers, and very few times on the participants. My focus tends to differ. I don’t go around in the room photographing objects. But I do photograph lots of things, and this helps me make a photo story which tends to be not necessarily easier to follow, but easier to remember. The photo at the entrance helps you connect with the room. The various photos in the room help you connect with the audience. And so on. Another case study – yesterday I resized a partition. I thought the process would last for a few seconds, but it lasted for about 15 hours. I couldn’t cancel the operation, once started, so I had to wait to finish. The whole day I checked on the status, to see how much it would last. …

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