Shaping others

We often see this happening in life: we have a pattern of thinking, others have a different pattern of thinking. What happens when the two collide? How do we solve the difference?

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Cum m-am distrat la "Daedalus Lounge"


Am vazut si eu “Daedalus Lounge” la Green Hours si vin cu impresii.

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The two things I’ve learned today at a workshop on Public Speaking

I’ll keep this one simple:
1. Sell information, don’t boringly present it; Convince me!
2. When having a slide in PowerPoint with a few bullets, and you speak about each bullet one at a time, it might be a great idea to synchronize the appearance of bulleted text with your speak, rather than showing all the bulleted text at once.

Four things I’ve learned at recent events in my life

There are four things about which I blog in this blog post:
1. A long-awaited joy brings you more happiness than an everlasting joy
2. Always think twice before paying for something
3. Read only quality newspapers
4. There is no free lunch

If you’d like to join me in my quest for a better life, I’d be happy to assist you.

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What I learned from "How managers create and destroy value in times of crisis" presentation (prof. Nenad Filipovic, Marriott, 2009.03.24)

Last night (2009.03.24) I went to “How managers create and destroy value in times of crisis” presentation. It was held by prof. Nenad Filipovic at Marriott hotel, in Bucharest. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Tendencies regarding the digitial marketing for the years to come

Yesterday I participated at Digital Marketing Forum. Nice experience, and I’ve brought a few tips to use as strategies for 2009 and beyond. Some of them might be wrongly understood, but I take my chances nevertheless.

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Muzica mea preferata

In acest mesaj discut despre muzica pe care o prefer.

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Why vote?

My reasoning in this article will first give you a detour: I’ll tell you first some secondary-importance reasons to vote. I’ll then give you the one reason for which you should vote. I’ll make it more specific by going into a case study. And I’ll end the message with a final piece of advice. Join me in my search for a reason on why do people vote.

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Lectii de dezvoltare personala

Vorbesc in acest mesaj despre dezvoltarea personala. Filtrez totul prin experienta mea. Rezultatul? Sfaturi generale, scrise din perspectiva vietii mele. Alatura-te mie in aceasta expeditie in eul personal si dezvolta-te pe tine.

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Cum a evoluat tehnologia?

Tema porneste cu o presupunere: tehnologia chiar a evoluat in ultimii ani. E adevarat, e fals? Eu zic ca e adevarat, deci presupunerea din titlu e buna. Haideti sa va zic si motivele.

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