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Follow-up: Reinforcement Learning & AI Progress Panel #DL #ML #NLP – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (2018.10.25, Impact Hub)

It was a sterling 10th Meetup Edition by Bucharest.AI, where AI practitioners with extensive experience teamed up to share from their progress to date.

Reinforcement Learning is learning what to do – what action to take in a specific situation – in order to maximize some type of reward. It’s one of the most promising areas of Machine Learning today. It plays an important part in some very high-profile success stories of AI, such as mastering Go, learning to play computer games, autonomous driving, autonomous stock trading, and more. Expect an introduction the main theoretical and practical aspects of Reinforcement Learning, discuss its very distinctive set of challenges, and explore what the future looks like for self-training machines.

AI Progress Panel benefited from the knowledge sharing from the fields of Deep Learning for RecSys, NLP, ML, ML Models for NLP, time series analysis and a lot more.

Speakers: Alexandra Petruș (Opening), Raoul Adalbert (Reinforcement Learning), Sorin Pește (An Overview of Reinforcement Learning), Andrei Vlacu (A real-life application: Using Tensorflow in the esports industry). Panel: Sergii Khomenko, Krzysztof Suwada, Oleksandr Zakharchuk, Christian Merkwirth – AI Progress, moderated by Sorin Pește.

Below, photos from the event, some slides and a video recording of the event.

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Megahack with prizes of 5,000 Euros, expo, TechJam sessions with local and international speakers at the third edition of TechFest connected by Vodafone in Cluj

  • MegaHack with prizes summing 5,000 Euros offered by Vodafone Romania for the most innovative solutions
  • TechJam sessions on Smart City, Java, Android, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning delivered by local and international speakers
  • Digital Venture Lab consisting in face-to-face discussions between start-ups and potential investors
  • Satellite event Science Summit and tech expo
  • Partnership with the IT Careers Fair

The third edition of the TechFest connected by Vodafone technology festival will take place in Cluj between November 8-11. For 4 days, experts and technology enthusiasts will be able to choose between 10 types of event formats that will take place at ClujHub, Polyvalent Hall and Vivo Mall in Cluj.

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Over 15 events, prizes worth 10,000 euros and over 50 speakers at TechFest connected by Vodafone

Bucharest, 27.09.2018

  • 5 days with over 15 events at TechFest connected by Vodafone
  • More than 50 international and local speakers have approached topics such as digital, blockchain, Java, JavaScript, .net, mobile, DeepData including on growth hacking shared during conferences and discussion sessions
  • Total prizes of 10,000 euros for Megahack earned by programmers starting from 17 years old
  • Expo with Vodafone’s robots, along with Pepper robot which recognizes the main human emotions, a modular house that uses robotic power, vintage computers, augmented reality experiences

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Follow-up: TechFest Bucharest 2018 (2018.09.20-24, Bucharest)

TechFest Bucharest 2018 took place between 20-24th September 2018 in Bucharest. There were 3 days of conferences, on 20-21st September and 24th September 2018, which took place at Palatul Universul. On 22-23rd September there was a technology exposition (XPO Tech), a hackathon (MegaHack), a gaming day, a junior coding club. A Science Club took place at the National Theatre Bucharest on 24th September.

Below, photos from the event, and my notes. Photos are from the first two days of the event and the hackathon / technology exposition.

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What’s my opinion on subject matter X? Do I form an opinions, or rely on external things to formulate an opinion?

If you ask me about SEO-related issues, I can tell you some personal opinions, based on similar situations. In SEO, things are simple – there is a bunch of knowledge (ever growing), which you can use for your own specific situations. It’s the same with mathematics – I can prove some things based on previous experiences.

But in life, things are more complicated. When you vote for candidate X, you might agree to his/her political platform, party or personal preference to that human being. Most of the times, it’s a mix of several reasons, and the decision is not always well motivated.

I want to talk today about making a decision when the decision to be taken has not a clear logic behind it.

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10,000 € awards for programmers expected at TechFest hackathon connected by Vodafone

  • 10,000 € total awards at Mega hackathon;
  • 6 topics announced for MegaHack.

Saturday, September 22, MegaHack competition will start within TechFest connected by Vodafone, the most complex technology festival, in which enrolled programmers can win prizes in total amount of 10,000 €. The winning team will receive 5,000 € and the ones on the following places will receive 3,000 € and 2,000 € respectively.

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5 new reasons to participate at TechFest TechFest connected by Vodafone: Expo with robots with emotions detectors and vintage PCs, Science Summit, gaming, concerts and new conferences

  • Pepper and Nao robots which detect primary human emotions, a modular home using robotic force, vintage computers alongside the newest exhibits at XPO Tech

  • Science Summit satellite event with top 10 renowned researchers and scientists in Romania

  • Gaming days & nights with over 400 players

  • Special moments with Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine collective and Mr. Jurjak
  • Over 50 visions about digital and growth hacking shared through new conferences and discussion sessions

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