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Meta description tag for large web sites

The meta description meta tag is considered to be a tag useful to use on web sites, whether they are large or small. For a small web site (<50 pages), it’s entirely feasible to write the meta descriptions by hand. What happens, though, when we’re talking of a web site with hundreds or even thousands of pages (online stores, large publishing web sites)?

A first solution is to automatically take the first sentence in the description/text of the page. The problem with this approach is that the sentence an article starts with is likely to have much more or much less than the recommended size of 110/130 (minimum) to 155/165 (maximum) characters with symbols. In this case, my advice is to avoid using the meta description at all and just let Google determine itself what’s the best text to take from the page.

I want to present, in this article, a second solution for creating meta descriptions for large web sites.

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About Screaming Frog – one of the best tools to make on-page SEO audits with. Useful to use for finding the internal (on-page) KPIs within a web site

Screaming Frog is a very useful tool with a bit of a strange name. It’s excellent for having an overall look at a web site for on-page SEO audits. It’s especially useful to find the right KPIs in your web site. The free version allows crawling of 500 internal + external URLs, while the premium version removes this limitation and adds options such as saving results, data exports, reports creation, sitemap creation and some more.

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How to write an SEO-friendly article?

Below, some tips on how to write an SEO-friendly article.

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What should you check prior to launching a new web site?

I base my article on some previous ones: CMS, WordPress SEO Plugin.

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WOOGIE: the learning assistant for curious kids

Proactive conversations that keep children safe & engaged while studying or having fun at home.

We believe that technology should cultivate our children’s curious natures through fun, exciting & educational interactions. That’s why we created Woogie: a voice-activated AI personal assistant for children ages 6+ that turns curiosity into personalized active learning. It does more than answer questions. Woogie engages children in conversations, interactive games and studying in clever ways, fitting their passions, interests, and hobbies. Come meet Woogie & support his arrival on Earth!

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My life story (past, present day, future)

Past – When I was around 3, I moved from a place and a family where I felt free, and loved (Pîrjol), to another where there were rules, and love (I thought) was conditioned by following them (Năvodari). I detailed this here: My soul. I realized the things written in that article last summer (summer of 2016).

In a nutshell, I felt, then, that I am not loved in either of the places and if I want to be loved by my family in Năvodari I need to follow rules. I thought love was conditioned by good behavior.

I was wrong, I was loved in both places, though the expression of it wasn’t clear to me at that time.

And I’ve built, based on this, a whole set of emotions, and, actually, a life.

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Performance Insights from TeCOMM Bucharest – eCommerce event. How to improve your online store performance?

On April 26 & 27, at Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest, took place TeCOMM Bucharest, an eCommerce event.

Among the speakers: Richard Prenderville (CMO & Founder, Peloton Digital Marketing Group), Mike Bainbridge (Chief Digital Technologist, Rackspace), Nick Lansley (Innovation Insider, Nick Lansley’s Innovation Lab), Carlo Terreni (General Director, Netcomm Suisse), Jakub Minks (Regional Director, Central & Eastern Europe, Exponea), Sven Bally (Founder & Senior Consultant, XETA) sau Kunle Campbell (Advisor & Ecommerce Growth Consultant, 2X eCommerce).

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Difference of attitude

When you go online on a forum, there are two opposite views:

  • One person comes with an open heart, wants to help, offers resources, gives time, effort and interest to help. That person is positive and welcoming. But, most important, the person’s attitude is “If I can help, I’m willing to help, the world will be better with my input”.
  • Generally, a reply or more comes after that with a sarcastic message, ruining the first impression. Most important, the person feels he/she’s entitled. “I deserve to receive quality posts on the forum, who is this newbie who made a mistake? This is my house, my party, these are my rules.”

Unfortunately, this kind of attitude doesn’t do good for either party, as most people prefer not to join the conversation anymore.

vil.sandi – online,

Deep love for others

There is more than one kind of love for other entities:

  • You can love God.
  • You can love yourself.
  • You can love close relatives, in a context you are born with.
  • You can love your friends.
  • You can love foreigners.
  • You can love certain actions (like hobbies, or eating chocolate).
  • You can love your significant other.

Out of all these types of love, I think the love for your significant other is one has some specifities.

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Small review: FotoJet

Hi, in the video below I analyze FotoJet.