Best practice for commenting on other people’s blogs


Sometimes I comment on other people’s blogs. From my experience, it’s best to read what others have said after you. There is more than one option to do so:

  • (if the blog clearly allows it) Subscribe via email to comments on the blog post – I dislike this method because after two weeks from a message, further replies are irrelevant. I don’t care what people say 3 months after I’ve written something (1) and it’s also hard for me to remember the specific context I said something 3 months ago (2) and people don’t expect me to read & follow-up after 3 months (3).
  • Let’s say a blog doesn’t have a “Subscribe via email to the comments” option. You can use the method below to generate the email subscription yourself, although it’s a bit complicated:
  • You can subscribe via RSS to the comments of a specific blog post. If the blog author, hasn’t displayed it, you can usually find it with the method described here:
  • (my favorite method) After I leave a comment, I copy the URL and create a Google Calendar event the following day (so, I will reply to any quick & intense comment left after my comment. I also create a Google Calendar event ~7 days after that specific day, so I will get most of later comments. If, during that time I get no reply to my comments, I stop checking the thread. If I do receive comments, I put subsequent reminders. I get a reminder for each event via email.

So, here goes – a best practice to commenting on someone’s blog is to follow-up.

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