What have I learned at Antreprenor – Show me the business, 2010.05.27, the ARK?

On 27th of May 2010, I went to The Ark to take part to the „Antreprenor – Show me the business” event.

I especially like the workshop with Andy LOPATA, on how to build business advantages by connecting with powerful persons and creating a network of relationships.

Some thoughts:

  • Establish some objectives whenever meeting new people;
  • You should build a network of friends, people with whom you have a relationship;
  • Avoid looking at people like they were companies; see them as real people;
  • You can’t do a business on your own;
  • You can learn from people with different businesses;
  • It’s best to do networking with people that are already your clients;
  • Networking is who knows you and what they say about you;
  • When talking about yourself, also mention what differentiates you from the others (do VSP rather than USP);

And, finally, this quote:

“If you want to be successful for a year, grow grain.
If you want to be successful for ten years, grow trees.
If you want to be successful for a lifetime, grow people”
Old Chinese Proverb

Photos from the event (see in full-screen):
An article, more photos and two videos:

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