How I felt at the recital with violinist Alexandru TOMESCU and pianist Horia MIHAIL, 2009.10.09, National Museum of Art of Romania?

In the evening of October 9th (at 7:30 PM), in Auditorium Room of the National Museum of Art of Romania, the violinist Alexandru TOMESCU (with his Stradivarius ELDER-VOICU violin) together with the pianist Horia MIHAIL.

Since the recital was held inside a museum, I preferred not to make pictures.

The event had interpretations of George ENESCU – Ballad, Béla BARTÓK – Six Romanian dances, Igor STRAVINSKI – Italian Suite and Maurice RAVEL – Sonata.

The recital comes to add to the exposition „Aspects of modernism – picture in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, 1910-1940”.

Along with the concert, there were video projections of the work in the exposition, selected by the interprets to create a connection between the music and the paintings.

It was a very pleasant evening, I got to see Steven van GRONINGEN, president of Raiffeisen Bank Romania and meet some friends.

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