Note: The current article has been written more than 8 years ago!

You may know about 80/20 rule (the Pareto Principle).

You can apply this countless times:

  • Why buy a Ferrari, when a Volkswagen does 80% of the service?
  • Why Volkswagen, when a Dacia does 80% of the service?
  • Why a new Dacia, when an old one does 80% of the value?
  • Why an old Dacia, when you can:
    • Buy a moto.
      • Buy a used moto.
        • Buy a scuter.
          • Buy an electric bike.
            • Buy a bike.
              • Buy an old bike.
                • Commute via public transportation.
                  • Solve more problems online.
                    • Avoid having problems at all?

The thing never stops. There’s always some method by which you can improve something at 80%. You just have to know when the 80% is just not good enough for you.

There’s a famous saying in Romanian – “merge și așa” – it works like this, nevertheless. The thing is – do you want it like this?


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