Gattaca (1997) – the third movie I like

Gattaca Poster I previously wrote about Gattaca (1997) here:

I will now tell you it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen.

I told you I like these movies:

Now, there’s one more – Gattaca.

I would recommend you to just see the movie, but if this isn’t enough, I will tell you down below, after you scroll a bit, why I like the movie.

(spoilers ahead!)

See the trailer of the movie:

See this trailer:

Now, for the reasoning:

  • It’s just this idea – that you can become much more than you are. Beating your given facts. Fighting against your given things. Being better than what life has to offer you. Being a better you. Making sure that’s possible. Improving yourself so much, that you become great. Leaving room for being a better you.

That’s it. :) It’s the main idea of the movie, you should be able to see it very clearly.

What changed, with time? Just my view on the difference between what’s a given and what you can actually do in this life.

An article on this:

I love this movie.

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