Yes man

I watched with great interest the movie Yes Man (2008).

Apparently, saying “Yes!” to everything is something positive. I won’t deny this, it can be so.

But it can also be something negative. For example, it might mean you don’t trust yourself enough to accept the critical part of yourself. You might almost surely have negative feelings about something – you don’t like going everywhere, you won’t like some of the things suggested to you, you would prefer that instead of 10 things to have on your “To-do” list there would be only 5.

Saying yes to everything has some advantages – you will be confronted with lots of situations, you might earn more, you will tend to be more productive, you’ll accomplish things.

But it might bring some dissatisfaction – you might fail some deadlines, you will overpromise, at times, you will say things which won’t necessarily happen.

Cindy Ford - What the Young Must Pursue
Cindy Ford – What the Young Must Pursue,
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