“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump

“Stupid is as stupid does” – Forrest Gump (1994 movie)

About the above quote: I don’t think that Forrest Gump is either 100% smart or 100% stupid.

The quote makes you think – is someone who acts stupid really stupid?

There are two ways to look at this aspect:

  • You can have intellectual issues, thus be considered stupid;
  • Do wrong things, thus be considered stupid.

I think that putting a label on Forrest doesn’t help anyone. He tries his best to make the world better and works a lot for this aim.

From time to time he does something rather silly, but in the big picture of life, this doesn’t matter.

Then there’s the act of looking at stupidity – while you are confronted with two options – A and B – it is rather difficult to choose between the two. After some things occur, it’s easy to look back at the life and claim “Oh, I would have done better in the same context”. I’m not so sure about this logic.

Also, there’s really no 100% intelligence. The smartest people do silly mistakes.

You might think that you are not stupid, from a true perspective. An imaginary reply, at some point:

But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law?
We both have truths – are mine the same as yours?
Jesus Christ Superstar – A Rock Opera: Trial Before Pilate / 39 Lashes – Andrew Lloyd Webber

There’s no 100% objective on success, in this case, you can do something which is considered both silly and very smart – at the same time. Se Forrest Gump’s life.

Patrick McDonald - George Best, the tormented genius
Patrick McDonald – George Best, the tormented genius, https://flic.kr/p/2iDanT6
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