Why vote?

Note: The current article has been written more than 12 years ago!

My reasoning in this article will first give you a detour: I’ll tell you first some secondary-importance reasons to vote. I’ll then give you the one reason for which you should vote. I’ll make it more specific by going into a case study. And I’ll end the message with a final piece of advice. Join me in my search for a reason on why do people vote.

I’ll first make a detour and give you some other reasons for which anyone should vote. Then I’ll get back to the main point. So, there are many reasons for which anyone should vote. I will list a few in here:
1. For the past. You can imagine yourself on a timeline. People before you went to great pain just for you to vote. Some people died for you right today. You are not forced to respect this, but you can take this into account. Act by voting – it’s a way of showing respect. But if you freely choose not to vote, you aren’t disturbing either, you have this option too. This option to vote is for others – in the past;
2. For the future. Think of the future generations. Your vote will mean a difference in the future. Vote to show that you care about your future. Leave a mark now on the day that will come tomorrow. This reason to vote is for others, also – but in the future;
3. You belong to some very specific groups of people. You are a part of a profession, you belong to an age group, and you like some things and dislike others. You are part of a family, you have a circle of friends, and you represent a local area (narrow or large). You are influenced by what you read, think. You are what you ethics and moral codes tell you to be. You can represent all those groups of people, with similar interests and occupation, with one single vote. This vote is for others also – in the present. It shows that you care for all of them. Not acting in the day of voting doesn’t necessarily means not caring, but voting does show caring. It shows a lack of self-comfort for the good of others. It’s a small sacrifice, not less valuable than other kinds;
4. You can finally vote for you. Vote for your interests, to be better represented, to have a slightly better life. Vote that you earn more, that you send a message. Show your power by doing a very easy thing: wake up, go to the voting cabin, vote, and return. This is your power. This is the point I want to emphasize in this blog post. I might be wrong, but voting for oneself just might be the reason for anyone to vote.

So, I give you just one reason for which you should vote: because it’s a rational thing to do. You can be sentimental and vote because you like someone. You can use your passion and feelings and vote because you hate someone and want him to fail the elections. Yet the one reason for which you should vote it’s a rational one: because you can express your option on which a certain person or a certain group of persons would benefit your interests best. By voting you help others make a better life for you. It’s that simple.

Let me explain this: your interests may not be focused on yourself only. You can vote for the interests of your community. You can vote for the interests of your country. You can vote that a class of people feel very good. But, in the end, you will follow your basic interests (and yes, they can include helping others). You can vote for the future or the past. But in the end, you will vote because your own inner principles guide you into thinking that the past and the future are important. So, even if you wish to vote for the future or past, you still follow your personal principles.

Case study: what is my interest in writing this message? I wish that more people expressed their caring for the world. I wish that the politicians were represented by the whole population. People should not be divided into “people that are actively pursuing their interests and actions” and “others”. I wish for a better world. And voting helps make one. Thus, I am favorable to voting.

What would a secret interest of mine be? You and I have a shared interest: we are part of the web. Since by reading this message you use the Internet, and more specific you read a blog, you are likely to vote for someone that favors IT (Information Technology) industry in general, Internet in particular and, very specifically, who likes blogs also. If you’re a frequent reader of mine, you might also have other common interests and with me (more than just blogging and commenting over Internet). So if I manage to influence you to vote, you are likely to vote for someone with similar interests into my own good. So your vote will also benefit me. Ironically, even if I do know about this way of thinking, this is not the reason for writing the message (or so my brain likes to trick me into thinking). The reason is the reason above: I wish people expressed their view of the world.

Now you know all my secrets. My final advice: vote! Vote whenever possible, inform yourself very well before vote. But if this is the case, take a wrong step, rather than no step. Fight for a better life by using just a small physical effort: go and vote. Act when timing requires it: vote! If it’s not for the past, if it’s not for the future, if it’s not for others, then vote for you. If it’s not for your emotions, vote with your brain. But vote!

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