When you volunteer, you will tend to work for yourself

Just Google [volunteering helps with] and you will get some reasons for which people volunteer.

But the most important reasons are these two:

  • Instead of watching TV, you’ll feel better after you volunteer.
  • Instead of working, you’ll also feel better when volunteering.

I think I’ve read it first on Derek Siver’s blog, but it was also a long thought of mine, that in order to best help an NGO you should do the work which is most impactfull (which is likely to be something closely related to your 9-to-5 job), and use the money you earn like this to help NGOs. This should have more impact than you giving flyers and organizing events.

On another hand, I’m not 100% sure that working more hours to get more money is better for you, overall, than getting your hands into action when helping NGOs. You will get to see real people, and that image might leave a mark on you which is more important than the actual help you give. Things we do in life scar us, some of them for good, others for bad. But everything leaves a mark. In that respect, it might be better to join the action yourself.

Money – MCO_2775, https://flic.kr/p/Vk5fE6

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