Follow-up: Vlad Stan at Coaching Support Group Bucharest, Noble Manhattan training center, 2011.09.15

On 2011.09.15, I enjoyed a presentation by Vlad STAN (Twitter) at Coaching Support Group Bucharest, Noble Manhattan training center. The event was organized as part of Noble Manhattan Coaching Support Bucharest. Contact person was Andreea VORONEANU and I was invited to the support group by Alina BUZATU. Below you’ll find some notes, photos and ideas I got from the event.

Some ideas:

  • Being an entrepreneur means being free;
  • Anyone can be an entrepreneur, it’s a matter of choice;
  • Anyone should be an entrepreneur;
  • The future belongs to the entrepreneurial people;
  • In 5 years time, in Romania, cash will be seldom used; thus, a lot of current employees in banks will be replaced by IT systems;
  • The technology evolves with an exponential rate;
  • Social media is a great solution for promotion;
  • Question to put when starting a business – “What is the problem to your solution?” (so, a person already has a solution, but what is the problem?);
  • You should focus on solving one/two problems of someone/a niche;
  • It’s a good idea to test prices – set some small / big prices, and just test and see how it goes;

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

  • You have to contribute with something;
  • You need to have passion;
  • It is required that you have the ability to be flexible – big / small;
  • You need to make money out of your passion.

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