Idea: (self-)promotion doesn’t work

There are two business models:

  • You can solve a problem, get recommendations, solve other problem, get more recommendations;
  • Another one is bragging “I’m so good, look at me!”; promoting yourself all over places.

I think it’s better to use the first model (personal recommendations) rather than the second one (self-promotion); of course, you can do some self-promotion, but this should not be the key factor; other people’s recommendations count more.

The search engines, who put much more emphasis on a link you get from other web sites than your own, knew this for years.

Main takeaway – let others do the promotion for you; it’s more believable.

I got this idea from Vlad STAN (Twitter), at the Coaching Support Group BucharestNoble Manhattan training center.
My follow-up: 2011.09.15 Vlad STAN at Coaching Support Group Bucharest.

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