Virtues & failure

I think that having some virtues makes a predisposition for bigger failure.

Some thoughts:

  • You can read a lot, have a good vocabulary and this might actually prevent you to perform well; you will tend to over-verbalize things, which will stop you from performing;
  • You can have a vast culture, but ignore your lack of logic;
  • You can read a lot and develop a virtual intelligence; and ignore the stupid-er persons around you from which you would learn some things better than from a book; and this superiority could cost you a complete understanding of the world;
  • You can develop lots of skills and ignore to develop a single skill which would, possibly, make you better at your work; it’s not bad to read a book out of your field; but when it becomes a habit, you might lose on other areas of development.

At times, it may happen that the failures of one may actually be their success. Let’s take watching girls. You can be virtuous & not stare at girls that pass by you. Yet, this may also bring with it a little stiffness, a close of heart, a lack of communication, a non-friendly attitude. And even if you won the small battle of looking with a lusty eye at girls, you may well have lost the big battle of being plain good.

Let’s take another example. You want to help everyone and you say yes to everything. And, at times, you miss the big picture and, instead of focusing on the important things in your life, you sweat the small stuff.

Take the opposite. You only focus on very valuable things. You do good. You are a good professional, or you help lots of people with your NGO, or you find inner happiness. But you lack the sense to see that there are things out there which you neglect.

I think I go too macro on this. Let’s take small virtues, again. Let’s say you don’t smoke. But this makes you uptight, and judging, and angry, and not happy. Let’s say you don’t drink. But you don’t feel very social.

What is the solution? Taking a bit of all vices? No. Testing the water, and only smoke one cigarette, only have a single drink? No, not so good, either.

I think there’s no ultimate lesson, just small lessons from which you can learn. And keep an eye open for other, new opportunities.

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