#UNFINISHED21 – a one-week-long multidisciplinary experience

The festival is taking place from October 24th to 31st, 2021, in our very own online world. We’ve kept the best of last year, reinvented even more, and are still cooking up some wild ideas that we just can’t wait to share!

#UNFINISHED21 is a one-week-long multidisciplinary experience taking place online from Sunday October 24th to Sunday October 31st. This application is the only way to join our community!

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Is there anything in this world that isn’t in motion? From cosmos to atoms, humans to opinions, we are but tiny specs on long dotted lines, infinite and incomplete, as this very list is.

Embrace mistakes, failures, detours, wanders, accidents, experiments. Counting on them as blessings helps us take greater risks and brings our journey to more exciting places.

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Unfinished festival


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