Why take part in the same training/workshop again and again?

I’ve been going to Jim Bagnola‘s trainings/workshops for years. I’ve taken part to Intensive NLP by MindMaster (a 5 day training course) two times already, and I plan in taking it again. At times, things repeat themselves. You hear the same things. There’s only so much a person can tell you. Why do I do this?

  • Deeper knowledge. I get to know things better. Re-participating, like re-reading, like re-watching a movie helps reinforce things. I get to know things better. For example, some say in order to be know better a specific subject, you need an advanced course on the subject. Perhaps. But how about retaking the class, in order to better understand and structure what you already know? I have a not-so-great memory, retaking a class helps me better understand things.
  • I’m different. New insights. It’s the same message, I’m different than I was two years ago. I forgot some things, I got new ideas. Things connect differently.
  • The trainings are different. The trainers don’t speak exactly the same way. Yes, the message is pretty much the same, but not identical. You get to see some new faces of the samge message.
  • You become closer to being a researcher. There’s a difference between reading a motto and reading a page. Between reading a page and reading a book. Between reading a book and the whole opera of a person. And between this and researching a subject deeper. There’s one thing to watch a movie and to watch a TV series. There’s a feeling you get by reading a magazine and by being a subscriber. People try to fake it („Oh, I’ll read summaries” / „Oh, I’ll just watch an episode”). It’s not a thing and it’s pretty much not useful to just copy what you think are the important things. It’s not that simple.


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