Follow-up: What I learned from a speech by Bruno Medicina on „Total Quality Life: quality of life as a true measure of success”

It was the 29th of March, 2009 when, at the Body Mind Spirit Festival, at Sala Palatului, Bucharest, Bruno MEDICINA held a speech on „Total Quality Life: quality of life as a true measure of success”. For more on Bruno MEDICINA view my opinion on him, which also includes a clip made by me at that event:

So, what struck me the most at Bruno MEDICINA’s speech?
1. People are looking for the fulfillment and quality;
2. A quality object will do its base function right; That’s it! Do what you are requested in the ‘right’ way;
3. A quality person will keep its promises; If one says something, he should do it;
4. We have false needs, created by companies;
5. We are more likely to be satisfied by only satisfying a need from time to time (some fruits ripe in the spring – strawberries), rather than permanently satisfying your needs (if you really want to, now you can eat strawberries even winter; it would be better not to do it like that);
6. Total quality management changes the perspective and emphasis from profit to quality;
7. The quality of life largely depends on succeeding to manifest on a material level your potential;
8. It’s really important that you make discoveries within yourself;
9. A wrong question can look like this: What do you want to obtain? Where do you want to reach?, a correct question might look like this: Who do you want to be?
10. There are cases in which quality is not important. (e.g. You may choose to destroy your health, or just not caring about this, for researching a vaccine against AIDS)

How do you evaluate these?

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