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What I learned from a panel discussion at Access MBA Tour Bucharest on Doing a Romanian, American or European MBA

On Monday, 30th of March, 2009 I took part to Access MBA Tour in Bucharest. It was at Intercontinental Bucharest (Piata Universitatii) and the panel discussion – „Doing a Romanian, American or European MBA” featured school representatives from CEU Business School, Hult International Business School and Warwick Business School: Pat HODGES, Abram MONZON, Oliver OLSON.

So, what have I learned in there?
1. A main advantage of an MBA is the „prestige factor”;
2. While a Masters’ student is an expert in one area, an MBA student should be an expert in different areas;
3. For an MBA you have more than your money to invest, you also have a time investment;
4. You are required to have an ability to adapt and have knowledge in different fields;
5. Ranking of an MBA gets important only after you get ranked;
6. MBA gives you the „fuel” to make a big leap in your career;
7. Regarding the „Are MBAs to be blamed for the crisis?” question: The answer is really on putting emphasis on what a student wants to do:
a. Be more productive or
b. Earn more money.
Some MBAs went for b., and from this problems arose.

What do you think about that?

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