Small WordPress tip on categories

Let’s say you want to choose some categories for your blog (I wrote in Romanian why you shouldn’t, generally, use tags on WordPress, but, instead, categories – Ce alegi între categorii și etichete pentru articolele WordPress? – Blog de Olivian Breda).

You have three categories:

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

In my opinion, the best solution is to also have another category,

zzz. Uncategorized

, and have this as a default.

So, when you will post a new article on the blog, you will be forced to pick between categories 1-3.

But, in case you will forget to pick a category, the blog post will automatically be assigned to category „zzz. Uncategorized”.

It will be then easy to see that there’s something wrong, as the category

„zzz. Uncategorized”

, which should have zero articles in it, now has one blog post.

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