“Person X can think strategically!”. But, really, can he!?

I once encountered a situation when someone told me about another person – “Person X can think strategically!”. But, really, can he!?

You see, there’s a difference between thinking strategically and saying you have a strategy.

I happen to know person X and, yes, that person can justify very well his actions. But does that person really think strategically every step? I don’t think so.

I think what’s most likely to happen is that person X can speak very well, and pick a small reason for doing action X.

I don’t think that’s a strategy, to me it’s tactics, with very good PR.

I don’t think that’s bad, but the distinction between “X has a strategy” and “X does tactics, and knows how to present them well / do PR” is important.

PS: I think, it’s mostly about emotions.

If I think strategically, but don’t know how to speak very well, I’m not clear and persuasive in my communications, I will leave a poor impression, certainly not that of a strategic thinker.

On another hand, if another person acts based on tactics, but can speak in a persuasive/clear manner, that person will leave a good impression on strategy, even if it might not be the case.

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PS: I’m not talking here about the people who put “strategic” in every sentence. Most of the times, those strategy can’t even be called tactics. Applying “strategy” as a word doesn’t fix a wrong idea.

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