Why do I play chess?

I play chess mostly for developing my ability to think into the future. Not too much, I don’t think all that much, but the process of “If I move X vs. Y, there will be consequences” is great.

I allow myself to make a lot of mistakes, I prefer this approach, to test & try a lot of things, rather than aim for the “perfect” match.

Sometimes, I make silly mistakes, and that’s fine with me.

On another note, I think that my arts blog is going well, helping me develop other aspects of my life, like emotions.

I like to consume media, articles, books, movies, music, podcasts, 9Gag.

These all combine very well.

I don’t think that the spirit enters the world just through reading book. But I do think that some solutions work better for the spirit than others. Here’s one – chess.

Tamas Garam - chess
Tamas Garam – chess, https://flic.kr/p/4wtLYH

PS, 2020.06.13: There are all sorts of additional types of chess one play, or exercises, or view others’ games. I think these, all, help with getting a better idea of chess.

Still, I think they mostly help in becoming a better chess player. But I don’t want to do this as much as I want to think better. And for this, I don’t need some games. :) I will try them, of course, but as a side thing.

PS, 2020.06.18: I’ve once read on a blog that there are two types of music – classical music uses fewer instruments, but has a high complexity, while modern music tends to use lots of instruments, but tends to be simple.

Likewise, there are games which are more complicated than chess, but don’t provoke so much things. And in chess you only have a few pieces and rules, but you are forced to think in complex ways.

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