I liked the play: „The theater maker” / „Der theatermacher” / „Creatorul de teatru” – Thomas BERNHARD; why is that?

I recently went to see: „The theater maker” / „Der theatermacher” / „Creatorul de teatruby Thomas BERNHARD:

  • With: Marcel IUREȘ, Valeria SECIU, Constantin DRĂGĂNESCU, Afrodita ANDRONE, Vitalie BANTAȘ
  • Director: Alexandru DABIJA
  • Scenography: Irina SOLOMON
  • Duration: 130 minutes

… and I liked it. :)

Thoughts from the play (approximate quotations):

  • „You live and life passes you by”;
  • „It’s nothing serious; just art; that’s it”;
  • „Creativity, symbols, metaphors” – I liked this;
  • How to speak? In a tempo which is „fluent, cursive, coherent”;
  • „You don’t know, while I don’t believe”;
  • „Read what I give you to read” (read my blog post on this, inspired by this: Why should you read by a plan, by design, and not random?);
  • „Think about the things which I give you to read”;
  • „I didn’t like things to be easy for me in life”;

What I liked about the play?

  • The play had lots of cultural references – locations, composers, works, history figures; it reminded me of Nicolae STEINHARDT – the Orthodox Christian that means the most to me; it was complex;
  • Still, despite the complexity, the thoughts were easy to grasp; he was speaking about NIETZSCHE and you didn’t felt like – „Oh, what does he mean?”;
  • I was held in suspense; „What will happen next?”; the feeling was there;
  • The rhythm was fast, everything felt intense; now, now, now!
  • Marcel IUREȘ seemed very well in control of his emotions; cry or laugh on his wish? Yes, it’s possible, it seems;

Personal note: some people see life as a very scientific thing – things happen scientifically, everything can be explained; other people see symbols, and mysticism, and emotions; now, back to me; I generally look for a scientific approach; yet, sometimes I get the feeling (uuu!) that things can’t be explained; I’ve seen the play three times; the first time everything seemed metaphorical, I tried to see symbols all around the play; I went the second time, 2/3 years after and everything seemed scientific; the third time, which happened on 2011.06.28, it seemed, once again, metaphorical; the actor says X, I think Y; when the process happens a lot, you get to be in a metaphorical state;

Two blog posts with metaphors, inspired by the play:

You can read about the play in Romanian:

See a video with Thomas BERNHARD:

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