“I’ve got the power!”

“I’ve got the power!”, you might think.

But what is personal power?

  • On one hand, it might look that power comes from aggressiveness. Being tough, fighting, never giving up, persisting.
  • On another hand, what I think real power is – is humility. Sure, persisting in something is good, but you need humility for that, to admit that you might be wrong. You can help others, you can be available, you can be open and vulnerable.

A lot of times, I see power mistaken as force. “Push things!”, they say. But being able to control your inner demons, succeeding despite …, insisting, having the humbleness to start from scratch – these, all help a lot in real power.

You can manipulate people, force them, make them fear you. Or you can bend the tree by having him wanting to bend, by making the tree feel more like a flower than a solid object. You can make people feel good and want to be on your side.

To me, the real power is controlling yourself.

There’s a poor joke / acronym: “BITCH = Babe In Total Control of Herself“. But it’s actually half-true: if you want to be powerful, you need to be able to control your urges and emotions.

Don’t be aggressive, but control your emotions. That’s not how people commonly see the acronym.

Finn Frode - Friends forever (2015)
Finn Frode – Friends forever (2015), https://flic.kr/p/JjcYX4
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