The Global Hack – Fighting a Global Crisis

🌍The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of everyone on the planet and will continue to impact our lives over the next several months. While business-as-usual isn’t currently the case anymore for most of us, there are various online initiatives that aim to improve people’s lives during these times of turmoil.

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📣We are happy to announce that Smart Everything Everywhere is partnering with The Global Hack, an online hackathon that will take place April 9 – April 12📣

💡The Hackathon brings together people from all different corners of life: from scientists, field experts, business leaders and innovators, to project managers, marketeers, project managers, tech enthusiasts and social entrepreneurs – and aims to fight the crisis and improve people’s lives during these challenging times.

⭐The Global Hack has already drawn attention across the globe and is collaborating with a fleet of world-class mentors from Silicon Valley, the United Nations, and the European Commission. If you want to be on the front-line of battling the Coronavirus without moving too far from your couch, don’t forget to register your team here by no later than April 9 13:00 UTC, and take part in this global movement. Don’t forget to also check the rules page prior to registering.


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