TechFest connected by Vodafone brings on stage international players in the blockchain area and Artificial Intelligence

Bucharest, June 25th, 2018

  • One of the founders of mobile based entertainment, two high profile blockchain players, the head of the Department of Innovation of the Copenhagen Interactive Design Institute on the TechFest stage
  • Their presentations will be delivered between September 20-24, 2018, when TechFest was rescheduled.

TechFest connected by Vodafone, the most complex technology festival, to be held between September 20-24, in Bucharest, will feature several stages that will welcome more than 50 local and international guests. These include first-line players on the blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and start-ups areas.

The Bucharest edition of TechFest, initially announced for June 27-July 2, was rescheduled for the autumn to integrate new activities for the targeted communities. The structure of the announced events remains the same.

The first 3 days are dedicated to business communities interested in the latest technology and digitization solutions, IT developers communities and entrepreneurs or start-ups ecosystems. Several types of events are organized for this specific audience:  the Digital Transformers conference, the Innovation Camp, Digital Venture LAB with Vodafone Romania – BCR – Innoenergy, but also Tech JAM sessions on verticals such as Blockchain, AI / Data, respectively Java / JavaScript and a Google Digital Workshop. Early Bird Tickets are available during this period at a price of 90 euros (excluding VAT) and can be purchased here.

At the Digital Transformers conference to be held at the Universe Palace, Ralph Simon (UK), Mobilium CEO, considered one of the founders of mobile based entertainment, will talk about technologies for the future. During the last 20 years, Ralph was a prominent figure who had innovated in areas such as health and entertainment. During the same conference, Stiven Kerestegian, head of the Department of Innovation and Strategy of the Copenhagen Interactive Design Institute, will discuss the development of Lego’s Open Innovation concept.

Blockchain technology, with a spectacular growth, will be tackled by many international players, including Andrei Nagy (Canada), AlphaBlock CEO, a company that generates solutions to revolutionize predictive systems in this industry. Andrei Costescu, CEO & Founder Jeco Capital, will join him on stage. Costescu is a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 group and the visionary behind the investment fund that looks at projects in the blockchain industry.

Within the Deep Data section will be speaker Stephanie Locke, Lead Consultant at Locke Data and Alexandra Petruş, founder of Bucharest AI. They will on the stages in the Universe Palace, within the dedicated sections of the TechJam series. During the third TechJam, on Java vertical, Victor Rentea, Independent Trainer and Lead Architect at IBM will deliver a speech.

The agenda is segmented into three different areas of interest, specifically designed for developers, companies and start-ups, respectively for gamers and the general public. Tickets and more details are available here:

TechFest connected by Vodafone is developed in collaboration with the IT community and becomes the meeting place of programming experts from the most innovative IT companies and start-ups, in an informal atmosphere, generating an unique experience to which is added a special infotainment component for the mass public. TechFest connected by Vodafone is also an open invitation to any technology enthusiast, whether are games, gadgets, or innovative tech solutions.

The main partners of the event are Vodafone Romania and BCR.



TechFest vision is to create a global marketplace for companies, innovative start-ups and technology fans. The technology festival aims to bring together the needs of the business community and the energy and start-ups’ energy and capability to generate innovation, providing access to the common vision of professionals and educating the general public on technology.

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