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How to have success, without the skills?

I liked this blog post on How to Become Rich with No Talent – Rich Life Habits:

1. Being on Time
2. Work Ethic
3. Effort
4. Energy

(the list continues)

This is how I get ideas for blog posts – I write them down.

When I try to post a joke on 9Gag, I don’t have any good ideas.

But I wrote down a lot of ideas, and, out of them, I posted a few jokes on 9Gag. I kept doing so. I’m still learning, though, I’m not up in the clouds with my success on this.

Why? I tend to insist on solving issues, both for myself and for others.

Also, I used to have difficulties being funny. I read a lot of jokes, I watched comedies, and my sense of humor improved.

More than this, I had difficulties communicating. I did theatrical plays, went to conferences, challenged myself to speak, and most of the issues were solved by themselves.

My belief is that you can have success without an initial talent, but with a lot of work.

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