Some things about Stutz (2022)

I liked the following about Stutz (2022) documentary movie:

  • I have the same disease, which is avoiding emotion by making jokes. – I tend to do so myself. This really touched me, I thought about this for a while.
  • That’s why you have three aspects of reality that nobody gets to avoid: Pain, uncertainty, and constant work. – I think all people have this. Or, at least me, project this to humanity.
  • If you think of it as a pyramid, there are three levels of the life force: relationship with your physical body, connection with other people, and relationship with yourself. – Something to think about.

It’s a nice movie, perhaps not 10/10, but 9/10, yet I don’t think it’s for everybody. You might not enjoy the emotions it puts you through, but the ideas you will get at the end of the experience could be nice.

Stutz 2022

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