Follow-up: ASEBUSS Executive MBA 2011: “Master Class Performance Management”, Simona Podgoreanu, 2011.03.10

On the 10th of March, 2011, I went to ASEBUSS headquarters for an Executive MBA 2011 Master Class: “Performance Management”, with Simona PODGOREANU.

Photos from the event (see in full-screen):

My notes:

  • How can one improve on a management system?
  • Set up objectives;
  • Improve objectives;
  • Have SMART objectives;

Busy doesn’t necessarily imply results;

  • Efficacy = did you reach your objectives or not?
  • Efficiency = with which costs did you reach your objectives?

You can ask for results from either:

  • The team; or
  • The individuals;

According to Jack WELCH, a manager can be evaluated based on:

  • R (providing results);
  • A/B (having good attitudes/behaviors;


  • +R +A/B = keep & grow him in the organization;
  • -R -A/B = out (sack him);
  • -R +A/B = give him a second chance (put the person in another place or help him grow via trainings/coaching);
  • +R -A/B = out (sack him; he should not be coach, you can’t coach values);

Principle: recruit for attitude, train for skills;

A person with a bad attitude doesn’t fit in the organization.

Very nice event!

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