On „Seven Pounds” (2008)

I’ve seen „Seven Pounds” (2008). Thoughts? (& spoilers!?)

  • It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen. 10/10.
  • Lots of emotions, very emotional movie.
  • The actors played nice, I enjoyed seeing how well they reacted to situations.
  • Two main ideas I disagree with:
    • There’s no forgiveness. I’m pretty sure there is. And while the hardest thing in the world might be to forgive yourself, it’s possible.
    • The world is divided between good and bad people. Let me disagree with this. I think the world is divided between people who’re needs I will try to fill in, and people who’re needs I will less-than-try to fill in. So, on one end there are people who are starving and, on another end, there are people who would like their 5th Ferrari. But I don’t think that necessarily some people are better than others. I will make some judgments on where to try and help people, and most likely I will avoid contributing to a cause buying one person their 5th Ferrari, but I don’t necessarily think that these people are evil. Even if they were mean, I wouldn’t know anything about what made them be like that. There is always context, and situation, and I don’t think the life of a child is the same, based on how he was raised & the genes he inherited. One more thing – I do think people can do bad deeds, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad people, or they’re bad people with no reason. It’s a complicated judgment, and most of the time the only safe solution is to say – „I really don’t know if A is a good or bad person, all I know is that they did X, and X might be a good/bad deed, and alos they have the wish Y, and this wish is to me good/bad”.
  • The movie made me think about some things in my life.

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