At times, I do have self-sabotage.

I think, to some degree, pretty much everyone does this, you can’t live a human life without experiencing it.

I don’t think there’s a huge problem with me, but, at times, I do set myself for failure.

That’s why it’s good to watch sports and get involved in competitive activities – it makes you want to win, it enhances your motivation.

Is there a solution?

The first step is acknowledging the issue.

The second?

Putting things into balance – yes, at times you’ll do self-sabotage, but it’s part of a paradox of life – you need both courage and fear, you need to take precautions and take risks, you need to be bold and to retreat, at the same time.

You need the full complexity of emotions in life, and self-sabotage can actually be healthy to some degree.

Just try and find the good measure, with this also.

Daniel Arrhakis - Night Forest Spirits
Daniel Arrhakis – Night Forest Spirits,
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  1. Watching sports sounds like a good solution. Haven’t thought about it until now, but it’s something good to try out.

    I love how you try to optimize everything! Reminds me of someone else I know :D

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