Idea for search on an e-commerce web site

Let ‘s say you have an e-commerce web site. Someone visits your web site and they type-in “laptop”. There are two solutions for displaying results to this query:

  • You can choose the solution chosen by most online shops – display lots of laptops, and sort them / filter them somehow. The troubles with this solution:
    • Most results are not sorted / filtered in the right way, and it’s pretty hard to solve this.
    • You also get laptop accessories, laptop books, and lots of stuff, which, for the most part, are irrelevant to the query “laptop”.
  • My solution / suggestion would imply only listing the category “laptops”. That’s it, I go to search, I type laptop, and I get this query.


Regarding my solution:

  • You can extend it to include special filters. For example, a search for “toshiba laptops” would bring up “Laptops” category, with the filter “Toshiba producer” already selected.
  • You can put synonyms. So, if I type “notebook”, also show me “laptop” category.

I got this idea by thinking how I usually do on eMAG and Amazon – I look for a specific product, then, using breadcrumbs, I look for the appropriate category & filter it.

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