The sick pleasures of rich people

Sometimes, I meet people driving expensive cars and running big business who want to negotiate with me things. Making a site, things like that.

And what strikes me is their willingness to negotiate.

At first, I thought „hmm, they must have made those money by being good with power & negotiation, so this is an explanation”.

But I think it’s more than this. Once you reach a level in your life, you get bored of things. You have pretty much everything in life, and nothing really excites you. And you enjoy the thrill of negotiation. You actually like & have pleasure in being better than the person in front of you.

Most poor people would have two problems in negotiation:

  • The lack of experience & practice.
  • The feeling that they’re, somehow, inferior when they negotiate.

The rich people don’t have any of these problems. They have lots of experience with negotiations (1) and they perfectly know they’re better than the person in front of them (2). The second point excites them, so they keep on doing this.

So, the next time a guy driving an expensive car comes to you and tells you you should leave your prices them, try and have your excitement. Negotiate with them, smiling, knowing that you won’t care if you lose them, and enjoy the pleasure of seeing them annoyed by your lack of cooperation. Enjoy the game and don’t let them run over you.

But, on the other hand, if you do need the name of that client on your portfolio, you might also need to do what that person wants, even if now, that you know my version of the story, you’ll be even more annoyed of the discount given.

Mohamed Somji Follow - None so rich,
Mohamed Somji Follow – None so rich,

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