On “Revolutionary Road” (2008)

I’ve seen “Revolutionary Road” (2008). Thoughts? (with spoilers!)

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is rather young, nice to see that;
  • I recognized some of his acting/behaviour in more recent movies;
  • The movie plays a lot on emotions, it tries to move you;
  • People are unable to get out of their social norms, even if this means damaging in a lot of areas; “Wife has issues? I can’t do anything about this, I have to go to work! Don’t feel like cheating? But she is waiting!”;
  • There are some early computer information which interested me;
  • Rather engaging movie;
  • The main idea of the movie? The courage to do the inner things which really matter to you (not cheating, caring for the other, expressing ideas and feelings), and the courage to do the outer things, which are irrelevant (job, where you life, how much you earn, where you live); it’s the revolution, both inner and outer;
  • The ending is very nice – it’s a game between the inner and the outer worlds;
  • 9/10, not bad, could be better;

Revolutionary Road (2008)

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