Prevention is good, but difficult

I’m almost always amazed at how people don’t try to prevent things.

Living healthy, doing the right thing, not polluting, being a good citizen, having the courage to say no or yes more often, protecting, safeguarding, launching, initiating, responding, being there, avoiding – these are all solutions to life. Sometimes, it’s good to hide, other times you need to show up.

There’s not a one-fits-all solution, you need to try and test things, you can never be 100% sure that the thing which you do is right. But drinking too much, sleeping a few hours, risking your health (and others around you), just so that you say you started the year on the right foot might not be a good start at all.

Sure, have fun, but it has to be at 2 AM?

It’s not always easy, and you will surely make mistakes – but the amplitude matters. It matters if you drink two glasses of champagne or until you can barely walk.

Safe life can be boring. On the same note, you’ll be here tomorrow.

Also, on the “boring” part – people are extremely good at adapting. You can get used to both having an incredible fortune or an incredible misfortune. People get accustomed to life after a while, be it “exciting” or “boring”. You can be happy with little and sad with a lot of things around you.

In IT there are lots of shortcuts, but I try to be prepared the best way that I can – backups, working with documents both in the cloud and on local storage, using security solutions, trying to be safe while browsing – they all help.

Sure, at some point, you might work for a while and discover that you’ve lost one hour’s worth of work. Sure, I can’t back-up everything all the time.

But most of the time I have everything backed up and the things which are not backed up are, generally, not as important.

How many people do you know who, for all of their important documents, use cloud backup?

On another hand, always backing things up is a bit annoying. All the documents need to be on the cloud, from time to time you need to do some manual backup, which isn’t exactly sexy.


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