Tip for reputation management: best tools for RM is Google, closely followed by Facebook and YouTube

At SEM Days 2012Lucian DESPOIU (Kondiment) suggested these tools to for great reputation management:

  • Google should be the main channel.
  • Facebook and YouTube should also be taken into account.

Why is this?

  • Google is the most visited web site on the planet.
  • Google is the most known brand on the Internet.
  • Google is the most used search engine.
  • Facebook is the place where people spend most time on the Internet.
  • Facebook is the biggest social network.
  • YouTube is the second search engine.
  • YouTube is the largest channel for video.

Sure, there are other channels to take into account:

  • Less important general channels (there are other search engines than Google, there are other places where people spend their time online) – LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo!, Bing, the list can go on.
  • Local channels (country-specific, zone-specific, area-specific) – Trilulilu, Xing, hi5.
  • Niche channels (channels which appeal only to a specific set of people in your community) – Pinterest, Last FM, SlideShare, Instagram, Flickr.

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